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Nancy Gruber

Nancy Gruber, DVM, is an emergency veterinarian at AnimERge in Somerset County. 

Dr. Nancy Gruber joined the AnimERge team in July of 2017. She started off in veterinary medicine as a certified veterinary technician and graduate of Manor College’s program of veterinary technology in the greater Philadelphia area where she was raised.

She worked as a veterinary technician in mixed animal and emergency practice for 8 years and graduated with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University of Minnesota in 2006. She was the recipient of the Bayer Gentle Doctor award in recognition for her demonstration of the human/animal bond. The mainstay of her career has been in emergency medicine with a special interest in exotic animals.

She worked at Pet Poison Helpline for several years before returning to the East Coast where she resumed her work in emergency and exotic medicine.

When not working at AnimERge, Dr. Gruber enjoys movies and internet gaming with her 3 cats: Forrest, Bodhisattva, and Chairman Meow. She is often accompanied with her dutiful copilot, a beefy meathead of a pitbull, Bruce. She enjoys Comicon, Zombie Apocalypse drama and all things Star Wars and otherwise geeky.

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